Sunday, December 13, 2009

MCAC show

The Martin County Arts Council

invited us to display FibreArt as part of the Christmas Tour of homes.

Here is a little taste of our show:

Christmas Star:Katherine McNeese
Pink Peony: Charlotte Elks
Holiday Table Runner: Mary Miller
Button Tree: Ellie Holbein
HO HO HO: Lori Richardson
Pine Tree: mixed media: Mary Miller
Snowflake: Wendy Ferguson Whitehead
The Three Sisters Australia: Wendy Ferguson Whitehead
Compass Rose: Amy Oseroff
Fish Study 2: Ellie Holbein
Hearts: Joanie deGroot
Let it Snow: Lori Richardson
TownSquare: Amy Oseroff
Twelve Days of Christmas: Lori RIchardson
River's Edge: Katherine McNeese
Mountain Snowfall: Debbie McCullough
Winter's Glow: Debbie McCullough

Folk Houses: Lori Richardson
Cookie Cutters: Debbie McCullough
Laurel's Cats: Mary Miller
Snowman: Lori Richardson
Wild FLowers in Control: Ellie Holbein
Sunset over the River: Zoe Robinson
Black + White Flower: Joanie deGroot
Spring Growth: Pat Zach

Wintergraphix: Debbie McCullough

Too much Punch: Mary Miller
Happy Harmony: Diane Greg

Asian Beauty 1,2,3,4: Ellie Holbein
Oak + Reel ca 1880, KMcNeese

I'll try to get picutres of the rest later this week!

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norma said...

It looks like a lovely display. You must have had a lot of visitors as part of a house tour. What a good idea!