Sunday, March 3, 2013

TWO GALLON BAG: 2012 challenge

The 2012 challenge was to take a two gallon ziploc bag and fill it with whatever you wanted.
The bags were exchanged and an art quilt was made for the owner of the bag.
Quilts were presented yesterday. We were also encouraged to create a second quilt for ourselves.

The bag is pictured, then the bag lady [the one who filled the bag and now owns the quilts]is on the left and the assembler is on the right.

Mary Henris <-- Lori Richardson

Lori's quilt and back of Mary's

Joanie DeGroot <-- Mary. Mary kept the roses and gave "what do you see?" to Joanie.

Laurie Mayo <-- Joanie Laurie chose the center quilt.

Gretchen Kemmer <-- Laurie [not quite finished with "here comes the sun"]

Pat Piacente <-- Sally Hamilton

Linda Koscianski <-- Pat Piacente

Lori Richardson <-- Gretchen

Sally <-- Linda

"Oasis" Mary Miller [absent]<-- Katherine McNeese

Katherine<-- Mary M [still absent]


Lisa Quintana said...

Well done gang.

ann said...

These are FABULOUS! What a FUN idea.

Melanie Goad said...

This is such a neat idea. I love what everyone came up with.