Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beachrageous Group Quilt

For those of you who were unable to attend the Crystal Coast Quilt Show last weekend, here is the Beachrageous group quilt made by Susan Hinzman, Lynn Strausbach, Mary Henris, Robin Koehler, and Eileen Williams-respectively.
We had a lot of fun planning this and then executing it. The project started with a predetermined size and shape. We then exchanged fabrics with the rule that we must all use a piece of each others fabric in the background construction. From there it was anything goes as long as it stayed to an 'under the sea' theme.
I personally think we did a killer job with there being similarities but enough differences whether in colors or techniques to keep it interesting. We can't wait to do another.

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Pepper Cory said...

OMG! I didn't get to the show but this is one fabulous piece! Congrats to all the makers!