Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dye Painting 101

Hello all. Well I am a bit behind these days but I did get these rinsed about 2 weeks later...without mold so I was pretty happy about that. Lesson learned is to not expect perfection. I really had no control over the dye and that was hard for me. On the above piece I was trying to 'color in' and so I was frustrated. On the piece below I was more free with a landscape idea and so I am very pleased about how it came out.
My colors actually came out pretty close to when it was wet. I would have been okay with the blue fading a bit more but I can make this work. The above piece is still very true to it's original color except for the green.
I don't know that I will do this again since I don't have the patience for mixing, rinsing, etc; but I do appreciate the work now and am very thankful to Katherine and Ellie for setting this all up for us. THANK YOU!

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norma said...

I can see the second one turning into a very nice piece after some quilting. Carry on.....